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The alphabetic (and the subject) list of provokers (sources) of obsessions

accidents - painful recollections of accidents
alcoholic dependence
anorexia (absence of appetite)
bulimia (distortion of appetite)
card plays – dependence, predilection
catastrophe - painful recollections of catastrophe
closed space fear (claustrophobia)
competition – fear of participation
computer games – dependence, predilection
conflictomania (an inclination to tense situations)
disgusts to
• concrete collective
  •• school, class
• concrete person
  •• concrete pupil, teacher
• concrete living creature
  •• frog, cockroach
• concrete sensation
  •• taste, smell
  •• meal, medicine
panic fears (fobia) of
  • competitions
  • darkness
  • doctor (for example, dentist) – fear of a doctor visiting
  • examination
  • large audience – speaking at a large audience
  • fear (fobofobia)
  • microphone – speaking in a microphone
  • heights
  • open space (agoraphobia)
  • close space (claustrophobia)
  • physician visiting (for example, of a dentist)
  • stage
gamblings – dependence, predilection
heights fear
homosexuality (undesirable inclination to persons of the same sex)
hostage – painful recollections of having held as hostage
hyperorexia (immoderate appetite, overeating)
inclination – undesirable inclination to a person who is unworthy of love
interpersonal business conflicts
intimate conflicts – interpersonal conflicts of intimate property
intrafamilial conflicts – spiritual wounds after experienced conflicts
kynorexia (distortion, a distortion of appetite)
large audience – fear of large audience
microphone fear
military events – painful recollections of military eventskleptomania (a painful inclination to larceny)
nicotinic dependence
nostalgia – anguish for past, painful recollections of dear past
physician (for example, a dental one) – fear of physician visiting
racing – dependence, predilection to racing gambling
rape– spiritual wounds after experienced rape
undesirable inclination to a person who is unworthy of love
violence – spiritual wounds after experienced violence
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