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EVERY family is above precipice
          Thesis [for the Second Russian Congress "Family World" (2001.11.14-17)]

   1. Demography DISASTER as the sequence of psyche epidemic of adolescent narcomania has already begun, it is the today's reality but not a tomorrow's possibility.
   2. The demography DISASTER will reflect upon life of every family, if even it doesn't take it's proper toll.
   3. In one÷three years the process of youth dying out will become irreversible.
   4. To soften sequences of the DISASTER is still possible. In order to this, it is necessary (though it isn't enough)

* to pay the main attention NOT to treatment of ill adolescents, but to prophylaxis;
* to begin the prophylaxis NOT with hard drugs (that is of little or no effect), but with tobacco, with smoking;
* to begin the prophylaxis of smoking by adolescents with cessation of smoking by adults;
* to begin cessation of smoking NOT with ordinary adults, NOT with adolescents' parents, but with specialists, who are the most authoritative to them, with pedagogues, medical people,managers of the highest levels;
* to begin cessation of smoking by specialists with the most authoritative in society persons.
   5. An effective remedy, reliable methodical base for this aim are psi-technique methods (PulPur and others).
   6. Now officially, in the scale of state, medicine is responsible for solving the problem, the Ministry of Health is.
      But medicine is helpless practically absolutely: its effectiveness doesn't exceed 5%.
      Efficacy of psychotherapy is some about 60%, and this gives definite hope to a patient, but on the ground of very high level of both psychotherapist and patient laboriousness.
      Psi-technique is as more effective than psychotherapy as psychotherapy is more effective than medicine; its efficacy is not less than 80% (by the most severe appraisal) and simultaneously its laboriousness is lower of two-three decimal orders (in 100-1000 times). Psychotherapy teaches its patient how he can adapt himself to his difficulties; y-technique liberates him from them. And it is always harder to teach someone than to do by oneself.
     7. Psi-technique gives to mankind new methodical kit, that is qualitatively, fundamentally better than those that the mankind possessed formerly..
      Y-technique surpasses abilities of rational science for it surmounts the limitations declared by physics, allergedly disturbs its laws.
      Y-technique surpasses abilities of traditional science for it substitutes/supplements the art of operator-esoterist for/with scientifically based technologies.
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