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Part III     
      FP and HEALTH


Things are often not clear to us a a a a
not because our concepts are weak,a
but because those things a a a a a a
are out of a circle of our concepts

        As such a training technique can be used the exercise ( 10) "Infrared rays" [ 135, . 60]:

    In enough silent room, having an iron warmed preliminary up, a trainer speaks: your hands are capable to feel infrared thermal radiation. Try to feel heat of this iron on distance (he carries the iron before participants, giving everyone to be convinced, that it is possible). Has everyone done it successfully? So try now to feel heat of your own hands. (He shows, that hands need to be disposed vertically, palms to each other and in parallel, on the minimal distance.) Have you achieved it? Now your task is to find the biggest distance at which you will feel this warm (he shows how one may close his palms and remove them). Is it clear? Now try to do it in pairs (it is allowed to exchange of impressions during 5-6 minutes). Now we'll tell, what has been got.

    Actually this exercise synesthesia of tactile with astralum is developed because not so much warm of a palm is felt by the other palm but its aura. It is easy to be convinced of this if repeat the exercise (but only after success in the first variant!) with hands in thick gloves. Thermal radiation will not be screened, but sensation of aura (as the warm) will be kept. It can even be strengthened, if one of palms would be turn with its back side to anther palm. The back side, as a rule, is more open for perception of astralum energy (is capable to feel it, is sensitive) while the palm itself radiates (gives) it better, easy than feels (gets) it.
    As initial ψ-technical exercises of the tactile feeling exacerbation of astralum and its qualities one can use also NIDAP without any pendulum, or still more similar work with thing's edges: above such an edge a border is felt like (similar) as above the points representing AP.
    The most interesting (attractive, effective) diagnostic way one can admit the visual one, i.e. visualization of an patient's astralum body. It was already discussed in section 8.4. As an initial stage for this ability training, an exercise Antifingers [ 135, page 21] can be used:

    It is necessary to look at a hand so that to see not fingers, but intervals between them... The exercise gives a rich material... Rather frequently it starts to seem, that air between fingers gets any certain properties: that it refracts light like as hot streams above a fire, that it starts suddenly to shine, to get painting, to move.

    Synesthesiae can arise between sensations of astralum and of each of five classical feelings. For example, two persons (one of them was a participant of author's Healing Practical Course, the other was the author's patient) identified most better, easy astralum qualities as smells.
    Energies can be felt not only by specialized sensitive organs, but by any part of an AsB, any point of a body.
    It is possible to judge of astralum qualities diversity by quantity of characteristics which can be inherent in astralum object at its synesthesiae with nothing but one tactile modality: it can be simultaneously


or shaggy
or hard
or friable
or sticky
or brittle
or cold
or dirty
or nasty

and even
at that the majority of these sensations can be presented simultaneously by several dynamic characteristics too.        
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