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About helps to addict's relatives, and
        to an addict her-/himself by means of help to her/his relatives

   Rather often addict's relatives suffer from his drugs more than he, they experience the situation more painfully (emotionally), than he.
   But such their reaction does not, as a rule, promote to soften the situation, and even on the opposite, creates additional difficulties.

   In such a case it is possible (it happens to be useful) to divide work into stages:
to begin with not the maim element of the problem;
to begin with the help not to the addict, but to his relatives.

   Then not only they will feel easier in this heavy situation, but the situation itself can change for the better (as the practice shows). Moreover: children's problems solving would often be begun with problems of their parents, even if the parents consider, that they are all right.

   A special problem is smoking relatives of an addict.
   Firstly it would be better (for them), if they did not smoke.
   And secondly, their smoking is a powerful reserve, a potential possibility to serve as an example to the addict, to show him that refusal of a drug is real because tobacco dependence is more persistent, obstinate, than any another. A chain smoker needs a cigarette much more often, than a consumer of a heavy drug needs his drug - in 60 times, if he smokes 3 packs (60 cigarettes) a day.
   Therefore, when a relative stops to smoke either independently or with help of IAPS he shows evidently to the addict a possibility of success, and he himself becomes sure, that the purpose is real, achievable, that his struggle for the addict's rescue is not hopeless.

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