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for an author's methodical complex of training on distancy operating realization

    In October-December of 2002 a Cycle-Practical-Work of methods DIPI (Distancy InterPersonal Influence) mastering has been realized by program complex LegArt under the direction of its author, A.S.Markon, in the Laboratory for children practical psychology scientific bases of Psychological institute of /RAE (Russian Academy for Education).
    Purposes of the Cycle-Practical-Work
initiation, awakening of participants' abilities,
    of intuitive perception (masering of distancy diagnostics methods),
    of distancy active influence (mastering of an operator-inductor methods),
Mastering by participants of bases of safety at distancy work with a percipient (with a patient, a teacher, a pupil, etc.).

   Besides doctors, to whom the 60-hour course of the Practical-Work has been planed originally, also psychologists, teachers, physicists, engineers, linguists have taken part in it.

Notwithstanding of so large variety of participants' professional interests, they have unanimously concluded:
efficiency of the mastered techniques in their initial (i.e. medical) orientation;
efficiency of the mastered methods at the participants' own professional directions;
increase of participants' working capacity and general working efficiency;

efficiency of the LegArt program and of the Practical course educational process; in particular:
    intensity of the Course, saturation of its studies;
    prevalence of practice in the studies;
    mastering of theoretical statements in discussions after preliminary (out-of-class) examination of them by author's publications;
    availability of the program; soft gradualness in complication of exercises;
    wide coverage of recovery subject-matters, both both mental and physical;
clearness of a theoretical substantiation of techniques' actual efficiency;
both mastering of DIPI-methods and own successful practice of their application are the most effective and convincing way to proof the reality of the distancy phenomena;
utility of the Course in the personal plan: the new attitude both to oneself and to the world; a participant's life takes on new significance, new valuable sense shades and accents;
participants-physicians concluded their professional progress: the new attitude to a patient and to medicine, to its abilities.

    Also all participants have unanimously concluded desirability of wide informing of specialists of different specialties about advantages of DIPI-methods.

Chief of the Laboratory
Ph. D. on psychology, professor,

full member of RAE

.. / I.V. Dubrovina

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