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    Biological expedience of memory is defined by impossibility to react without it adequately to vital circumstances and situations, to avoid mistakes. In this connection the whole mass of alive can be divided distinctly enough into three (fig. 16) qualitative levels (though without sharp borders between them).
    Possessors of only elementary psyche functions are organisms, in particular unicellular ones too. They possess only sensations, i.e. ability to distinguish only separate kinds, characteristics of their environment, and they have only speciess (genetic) memory,

factual memory, i.e. memory only about the elementary, actual for survival, facts. This kind of memory supports only rigid but instead/in return practically unfailing stereotypes of reaction to these sensations, i.e. instincts, by Ivan P. Pavlov (1849-1936) unconditional reflexes. Re-learning of a separate organism, of an individual is practically impossible on this level of life.
    An essence unlike an organism possesses consciousness, i.e. ability to perceive a reality as a situation, but not as only a set of sensations, to ascertain its existence, to build its image, to analyze it. And essences memory is situational, individual (in addition to the factual, species's one), memory of individuals own experience. On the basis of this memory conditioned reflexes can be formed. A butterfly will fly in fire again after it has burnt itself, but a dog will not burn himself twice.
    A person possesses self-consciousness, or consciousness of the second order, i.e. ability to analyze elements of an own psyche (thoughts, emotions etc.), and possesses a branchy memory, an ability to use several connection channels with UDI simultaneously. This allows to form an intelligence, a flexible thinking unlike the rectilinear thinking of an essence. That allows to name this memory as intellectual too. A person can prevent mistakes, avoid them initially, using another's experience on the base of a language the signal system of also the second order.    

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