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Part I
            (The nature of PSYCHE)
        Chapter 1. FACTS and OPINIONS

        1.3.   INTROSPECTION

и     The tendency of full refusal from introspection is retained in psychology more than half a century. It is aphoristically expressed by B.M.Teplov/Б.М. Теплов: The materialistic psychology cannot be subjective methodologically [ 123 ].         (Т)
   Nevertheless, actually the whole of psychology is based upon introspection irrespective of whether it is admitted by the psychology. Any interpretation by a researcher results, received in objective scientific observation or experiment, is possible only on the basis of results received preliminary in subjective experience with attributive participation of introspection (at impossibility of its absence). A researcher has not any other base to interpret (the objective data). A fact is senseless, if the sense is not brought in it (Boris Pasternak – Doctor Zhivago).
   Works on musical creativity by B.M.Teplov himself can serve a refutation of his statement (Т), determined more politically (made at Stalin totalitarianism) than scientifically. In order to make such a deep analysis, it was not enough to be the thin psychologist, but was necessary to be also a musician of a high level. A blind (from his birth) psychologist could not devise an experiment on psychology of visual perception, and could not even estimate results of already made (quite objective!) experiment. Similarly

Люди сочувствуют только тем несчастьям, которые постигают их самих (Пьер Бомарше).
Если у нас нет сердца, мы будем рассматривать музыканта или влюблённого – как слабоумного или сумасшедшего (У. Джеймс, [ 38, стр. 297]).
   Не случайно, чем ярче влюблённость, тем чаще она вызывает иронию, недоумение etc, но не сочувствие. Сытый голодного не разумеет. А между тем, Эрнст Кречмер отмечает: Мы удивляемся той лёгкости, с которой сильная острая влюблённость, не находящая сейчас же выхода, приводит к самоубийству [ 60, cтр. 237].

   A researcher can serve examinees to itself. P.P.Blonsky/П.П. Блонский remarks: Pretty often memoirs are caused by very insignificant impressions, frequently so imperceptible, that careful investigations are necessary to find out, what impression has caused memoirs [ 13, стр. 538]. It is clear, such investigations are intrinsically introspective, subjective.
   It is methodologically important, that not any true can in principle (i.e. not casually and is not temporarily) be proved by means of objective methods, and any lie - is disproved. You couldn't prove to me, that yesterday you had a headache if even you had it, but also I couldn't prove even if you were quite healthy        и

А между тем: В психологии [применительно к спорту] сложилось странное положение – недоверие к субъективным показателям состояний и связанных с ними эмоциональных переживаний. Во многих психологических работах отмечается, что нельзя полагаться на чувство усталости при суждении о том, развилось у человека состояние утомления или нет (Ильин Е.П. [ 47 ]). При таком подходе к интроспекции, пациент, заявляющий о наличии у него фантомных болей [CЭС , стр. 1414], должен безоговорочно быть признан симулянтом.

[ This substantiation is made in the frameworks of NAS. The FP substantiation is given in chapter 5 ]

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