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Part I
            (The nature of PSYCHE)
        Chapter 1. FACTS and OPINIONS

        1.5.   Spontaneous DP of the author's experience

We should be surprised only by our ability
to be still surprised by somethingaaaa
Francois де La Rochefoucauld

и     In closing of this, devoted to the facts, part of the chapter, there are several spontaneous DP from author's own experience (were not published formerly).
* * * * *
   The author, a beginner-healer, sees among passers-by people a man under a bright-green umbrella. It is strange doubly. First, men use dark, mainly black umbrellas. Secondly, color of the umbrella is surprising: the weather is cloudy, rainy, but the umbrella is itself shone, as if the bright sunlight seeps out through it. Scrutinizing this umbrella, the author suddenly understands, that such very color is optimum for working with inflammations, that this color should be remembered. The umbrella has come alongside the author and then has ceased to be visible. What beautiful color however! It is necessary to look back and have once more seen it to feel pleasure. What disappointment! The attempt has failed: this time the umbrella appears of usual dark blue color. And there was simultaneously some facilitation: at least the man was under a man's umbrella.
        [a comment is given in section 8.6].
* * * * *

   There were many cases of things/objects disappearance (their dis-materialization, apport) when it is precisely known where they have been put, but they are absent there. A part of these cases comes to an end with return (materialization), when a thing appears on that very place where it was searched, repeatedly looked at, rummaged about with a hand, etc., and so it is precisely known, that it was not there. Such phenomena were observed by author’s acquaintances too.
   An example. From the author’s Internet-messages:
   2007.08.12 [10:10:50 AM] S.D. speaks: the printer cartridges has been found in the place, where they has been put and has been searched (and not only by me), by me – at least than three times.
   Two of such cases are unique in their own way.
• The author, still not acquainted then with principle opportunity of aport, goes along a winter street. He holds in one hand gloves and a cap so, that one of the gloves is clamped between another glove and a cap (the other hand is engaged too). Suddenly it feels, that this package of three subjects became thinner, as though someone has sharply pulled out the average subject (the glove, clamped by two others) from it. But there was no jerk aside or downwards - only that which the hand compressed became thiner. The author looked back - there was anybody beside. The author looked, what did he hold - only one glove was present. The author looked downwards - whether the glove was on the ground. The author has returned to look, whether it lay somewhere there along his way passed.
   It was a pity of the glove, but more important were next:
1) character of a situation, its incomprehensibility, foolishness, mysteriousness: everyone knows that a miracle cannot happen, but I see, it has happened;
2) if a glove can disappear, it means something much more important can disappear too; and
3) it was impossible to tell somebody about the fact; nobody will believe.
• A ring (jewel) was disappeared in Yerevan in the beginning of June (1995). In the evening the author has put it in a prominent place near to hand clock. In the morning only clock lay there. In 2-3 days after that the author has come back to Moscow, but his hosts continued to search for a "rolled somewhere" ring.
   In the middle of August (it means, has passed more than two months) the author has noticed at his place in Moscow that something has flashed in a crack between pillows of a sofa. The ring has been returned not on an old place where its aport has occurred, but on the new one, directly to its owner (to the person at whom it has disappeared).
     After almost 13 years (Febr. 2008) it has proved, that this case is not unique. Leaving for other city, the author has as usual taken a small tooling with himself. One of the tools happened really necessary, but it wasn’t found among the others. It was lost. How – it cannot be clear. But a weak hope remained, that it had been forgotten at home, though there was in memory where it laid and how it was taken therefrom. This very place has after returning been checked carefully up. No, doubtfully it was lost. But in three weeks it has appeared in full view laying not there, whence it has disappeared (not in a tooling set), but on the place, therefrom it has been taken into the set.

* * * * *
   January of 1985. The author with his wife comes to a Rest House in Pljes (Плёс / Reach).
   Their room is a standard one, very modest, but a silent, quiet, convenient enough. The first night passes without unexpectedness.
   The second evening. It is time to sleep. Dark. Silent. Well. And suddenly rustling. Distinct, like as a sheet of a paper is torn. It repeats louder and longer. This leaf, which is torn, is extremely long.
   – Do you hear something?
   – Yes. What is it?
   – I don't know too.
   – Is it seems to be in the wardrobe?
   – Or perhaps a socket sparks near it.
   Noise became louder amplified. Rustling has turned into crashs. Impacts were added. Now it seemed already, that it is not torn paper, but split boards which are stratifying because of are drying. However, a board cannot be long enough to stratify so long time. Often the crash came to an end with sharp knock, click, explosion: that's the end: the board has broken up also splinters have scattered. Some impacts were not anticipated a crash, they were as impact by a hammer.
   All noises stopped at once as soon as the light was on. But as soon as the light was off they began anew or proceeded at once.
   Неоднократно был раскрыт шкаф, но всё в нем было цело. Развинчена розетка, проверены контакты – всё в порядке. Осторожно, чтобы не приняли за сумасшедшего, автор расспросил администратора: давно ли поставлены в номере стенные шкафы, не из сырого ли материала их делали, не жаловались ли на какие-нибудь неудобства те, кто жил там раньше. Всё напрасно. Не за что зацепиться. Но стоило погасить свет, всё начиналось заново или продолжалось сразу.
   Тупик. Просить администратора переселить в другой номер? Но как объяснить просьбу? Ведь в любом из них всё то же самое. Да и нет уже свободных номеров, заезд закончился. Плюнуть на путёвки и вернуться домой? Что ни сделай – всё глупо! Да, тупик. Цугцванг. Беспомощность и безысходность.
   – Bewitch it! Are you a wizard or not?! – and it is my wife who speaks so! The wife (the philologist and the journalist) whose attitude to author's off-duty interests is already about ten years only and constantly ironic, who does not admit – and does not want – any magics, miracles, psi-phenomena and any similar nonsense!
   Her question transforms the author from the engineer-researcher into a practical-occultist: Good Lord, how could I not thought about it? The wardrobe turns into a patient. The healing influence is, as always, short. The noises have stopped instantly. A word of poltergeist means just a noisy spirit.
   There are fine memoirs about the holiday as a whole, about Pljos.

* * * * *

   There is an opened (without a plastic cover) and free (no device is connected to it) socket in a wall. The author lives here not the first dozen years. Once (September, 1998) he notices that in the socket the spark has slipped. The characteristic dry crash is audible too. No negative consequences. Fuses are OK. The socket works. Strange. During couple of weeks the socket periodically reminds of itself: Behind the author's back all more often cracklings are heard. What is the mater, in that way a fire can happen! The author takes a screw-driver and a great (Ж80) double magnifier in order to examine closely wires, contacts, etc. As soon as the socket has been caught in focus of a magnifier, the author has involuntarily drawn aside a hand as from a dog which you are going to stroke, but which suddenly aggressively barks. A blue thick (? effect of double magnifying?) lightning has blazed with a crash, struck on eyes. The author has seen that, which he knows as the engineer, cannot be. The discharge has passed not between wires, but between points ( there was 1÷1.5 sm between them) on the same wire, between which could not be, should not be potential differences, and even if it would be/arise, so the discharge, a current should go on a wire, but not through air... And the spark has slipped precisely (!) at the moment when operator's attention has been directed on this very place...
   After work with the socket similar to work with wardrobe in Pljos/Плёс, the phenomenon did not repeat.
   The same in principle methodical approach allows not only "suppress" a poltergeist, but also to conduct its prophylaxis (but it is a theme of sections 8.7 and 12.4.1).     и

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