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Part I
            (The nature of PSYCHE)

    Chapter 1. FACTS
            1.6.  STEPS

   1.6.3.   NIHILISM stage
     Not anybody is ready to obey to the facts, to not argue with them, like A.M. Butlerov was. A possibility itself, that our sights will change radically, causes trouble (Charles Tart [ 121, p. 24]). Inability to expand a circle of habitual representations conducts to confusion, to loss of the precise control over own thinking, to intellectual frustration which is at once replaced by denying of incomprehensible phenomenon as fact. Usual reaction to such a situation is reduced to one: it is rather interesting but since we perfectly know, that the similar phenomena are impossible, it be no point to puzzle that it would mean [ibid, p. 13]. It reaches up to paradoxes, type: I do not doubt any more, that it is, but I'd prefer it would not be. Opinions of such a kind force to recollect
Francois La Rochefoucauld (1613-80): Mind is always a fool at heart,,
Grigory S. Skovoroda (1722-94): Not that is silly, who does not know, but the one who does not wish to know,,
Felix Krivin: Scepticism is ebriety by sobriety.,
    One cannot but admit, that a position of NAS - as a whole, as public institute - was (and remains!) the nihilistic one too. ...the most part of so-called occult phenomena is rejected (!) by the science as finding no place (!) in the nowadays scientific picture of the world (D.N. Ljalikov/.. 75, p. 24]) - i.e. a fact is not admited by NAS as the fact only because the science cannot explain this fact.
    Attempts of the traditional/esoteric science to change this state, to expand borders of NAS by meams of mastering by NAS of traditional knowledge, have left bright traces in history of a science. We'll remind two of them.

* * * * *
    In 1784 year, after the publication (in 1780) a work of one of Mesmer's pupils, the Parisian (actually French) Academy established a commission for check (actually for "exposure") of mesmerism efficiency. The commission intended to examine several patients of the publication author. Frants Anton Mesmer (1734-1815), the founder/initiator of the European branch of healing, made the counter offer
  1) to check not his pupil's work, but his own work;
  2) to not be limited with consideration of his work, but to compare his results with results received in similar cases by doctors, using the methods standard at that time;
  3) to make comparison on two groups of patients, 24 persons (2 dozens) everyone. I.e. actually F.A. Mesmer offered a method of comparative experiment, which must be admitted today as the only correct way.
    The Commission did not accept these (the only correct) offers, however encyclopedias write still today: By means of mesmerism it is ostensibly [underlined by ..] possible to cure illnesses [C/SEL , p. 804], though Mesmer,... whose works were hardly read by any of those who blackend his reputation, has cured gratis [underlined by .. - whether because of this the physician staff turned against him?] huge quantity to people (A. Moll/ [ 84, p. 376]).
    It would be possible to think, that the Commission has ignored Mesmer's achievements because he wasn't so scientifically authoritative, though he was a member of the Wien Academy, as were such Commission's participants, as in particular A.L. Lavoisier (1743-94) and B. Franklin (1706-90), who appeared at that time in Europe more likely on diplomatic affairs rather than on scientific.
    But, no. The matter was not in Mesmer's "simplicity", but in the Commission itself, in its jaundice. The similar result was at opposition of two giants of one scale (the world), of colleagues-chemists, D.I. Mendeleyev (1834-1907) and A.M. Butlerov (1828-86), each of which did not cast doubt on authority of the opponent as chemist: A.M. Butlerov became a member of St.-Petersburg Emperor's Academy in 1874 year just on D.I. Mendeleyev's initiative.
* * * * *
    D.I. Mendeleyev has created the Commission of the physical society of the SPb. University with the double purpose:
(1) to publish materials of the Commission in order to get means for meteorological dirigible building and
(2) to prove by the way, that the spiritualistic phenomena are fiction and falsification, but not an objective reality,
what he has informed about in his foreword to the Commission report [ 79 ].
    Conclusions of the Commission precisely correspond to this aim: ...Spiritualistic effects were not observed..
   However D.I. Mendeleyev, being the convinced opponent of spiritism, has remained the conscientious researcher, and has published completely working (observations) minutes of experiments, but not only the conclusions. And so, the facts from some minutes differ from the conclusions diametrically. For example:
    From the minute of 11-th session of the Commission, on January, 11th, 1876 [ 79, . 31-32]:

    ... at 8 o'clock the session began with the work at a table. A table is round, from living room, with three curve carved legs. Weight of the table is 4.700 gramme, height is 71 sm, diameter of a table-top-deck of 48 sm, thickness of a table-top-deck edge 4 sm
    Hands of all present have been put on the table. five minutes a deaf knocks were heard, at first weak, then gradually all more and more amplifying. Then movements, rotation of a table and its inclination in the different sides have followed. Knocks and movements continually alternated, and knocks were both sharp, loud and rather weak. After about 25 from the beginning of a session, during the strongest inclinations of the table here and there - the table has suddenly risen up at about 10 centimeters as though thrown and has fallen downwards; at its falling one of its legs has broken off...

    The facts are more than significant: inclinations of the table were the strongest; the table at that has not fallen down on its side as it should be expected, but has suddenly risen. There is even a material evidence the broken table leg. The facts are fixed, but not taken into consideration. In conclusions they are ignored.
    The logic stereotype of schizophrenic type has worked (or, using D.N.Uznadze's term, 1887-1950, preparedness, logic preparedness) according to which any facts can only to confirm a hypothesis. According to such logic if archeologists wish to find out traces of a technical civilization of ancestors, and a piece of wire is found, it means that ancestors used telegraph, but if nothing is found, it means that they used wireless telegraph.
    Members of the Commission were so afraid to be deceived by spiritists/mediums, that they have run into self-deception, not having believed in own observations. A case is, unfortunately, typical.
    So, aprioristic preparedness has led M. Wolkenstein/, a Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy, a head of molecular biology laboratory in the Academy's Institute, to a logic mistake, inexcusable not only for the student, but also for the schoolboy. There is a legal record here of his pronouncement:

    "Extrasensory" individuals are divided into two categories - they are either honest people, or swindlers and charlatans exploiting ignorance and trustfulness of patients. As it is surprising, both of them help to those patients. [ 147 ].

    "As it is surprising", nobody from listeners of M. Wolkenstein, among whom was not less than five academicians (also not students at all), has paid attention to this absurdity.
    Despite of such doubtfulness of value of the "Mendeleyev's" Commissions conclusions, opponents of DP researchers continue to refer to them already more than a hundred years. At that
whether on ignorance, or maliciously D.I.Mendeleyev's scientific authority is emphasized, but name (and, accordingly, authority) of his opponent is suppressed; i.e. it is meant on default/by preterition the full scientific incompetence of the opponent, and
two logic mistakes are perpetrated: these conclusions are extrapolated twice, and twice groundless -
    it is affirmed, that the spiritualistic phenomena are impossible at all (in principle!), but not only was not found out (ALLEGEDLY was not found out!) in those (concrete!) experiments, and
    this statement is extended (on default/by preterition) for all DP, but not only for the spiritualistic phenomena.     

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