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Part I
            (The nature of PSYCHE)
        Chapter 1. FACTS and OPINIONS
                          1.6.  STEPS

   1.6.5.   EXTENSIVE (or evolutionary) stage

I say, there is a banana in your ear!
Speak louder, I hear badly:a a a aa
there is a banana in my ear.

     Attempts to explain essentially new facts, remaining within the limits of an old, dominating scientific paradigm are natural. This stage is necessary and defensible methodologically. It corresponds to requirements of a principle of minimization of quantity of base representations in a science ("Okkama's razor" [ 76 , . 455]).
   But if these attempts turn into end in itself - by all means (at any cost) to remain within the limits of NAS (and-or of the dominating paradigm), if they turn from an embodiment of a methodological principle into adjustment of a problem decision under in advance chosen favourable answer, in particular - the answer about an opportunity to explain something non-physical within the limits of physics, so these attempts turn out essentially hopeless, the stage turns out fruitless (a stage successfully continuing glorious feats of RW Prokrust, indisputably the authoritative long arm of any progress).
   The persistence and multiplicity of such attempts are not justified from formal-logically, but they are explainable psychologically in the light of becoming and development NAS history. For NAS initially and unconditionally an individual's body (morphology, anatomy) is primarily, its (body's) functions (physiology) are secondary, and psyche is only on the third place (neurophysiology and-or physiological psychology), as one, ordinary, from functions, and allegedly the youngest phylogenetically, without which organisms ostensibly managed the most part of their evolutionary way (see in this connection ch. 7).
   These attempts are a priori and turn out de facto fruitless since they are reduced to improper (arbitrary, baseless) introduction (by authors of these attempts) of notions and concepts of such objects which ostensibly " possess metaphysical properties, and simultaneously
" are of the physical nature, what is just accented by those names which their authors give them, for example: psychophysical emanation, metagenetic radiation, torsional radiation, microlepton, , meonal/ vacuum,
that is a priori internally inconsistent (mutually contradictory). But again and again the reason tries to squeeze incomprehensible in frameworks of familiar and known (Ch. Tart [ 121, p. 18]).
   It is not surprising, that undertaking these attempts, their authors, possessing merits, authority, experience, high academic statuses, etc., quite often make mistakes (offer internally inconsistent theses). It is difficult to explain (for we a priori exclude the possibility of intentional scientific carelessness) by something, except for author's blindness (the term is borrowed from literary criticism lexicon A.P.Kvyatkovsky/.. [ 52, . 10-11]), i.e. weakness (or full absence) of criticisms concerning own creations.
   So, Alexander G. Gurvich (1874-1954), offering a hypothesis of metagenetic radiation or morphogenetic, actual, structural field (1923), which has turned (to 1944) into the Theory of biological field [ 33 ] (and which has played its positive role, has been becoming a powerful stimulus and a support for new researchers and researches), attributes to the field properties, being characteristic for electrostatic fields, for example, he enters concept of biofield equipotential surface (though any means to measure neither potentials, nor any other parameters of biofield are not present now, and, all the more, was not at A.G.Gurvich's time). But, the main thing (that, however, has not been noted by G.F.Gauze/.. [ 25], despite of the rigid tone of its critics), he attributes to biofield two mutually excluding properties: We'll designate result of synthesis of all cellular fields as the field of the whole [ 33, p. 59]. And at the same time it attributes to this field of the whole function of management of separate cells homeostasis and development those cells which generate it. The vicious circle has become closed. Wolves have eaten each other [from a children poem by Korney Chukovsky/ ].
   So, L.V.Leskov/.. enters a new concept at once (!!) after the reference to Occam principle. He offers a hypothesis: there is a variety of vacuum - meon/ - capable to store unlimitedly great volume of the information [ 70, p. 45]. It is strange (it is unjustified logically, internally inconsistent) why the physical status of vacuum (or one of its varieties) was given/attributed to meon; why was this new vacuum named as meon, why not the Lord the God in fact, further in the text L.V.Leskov attributes to it all divine functions, up to the management of the Universe evolution; and at last: why the author entered representation about new version vacuum, why it wasn't impossible to attribute the same divine functions to vacuum already known to the physics, not breaking the Occam principle.
   So, by A.E. Akimov/.. and G.I. Shipov/.. , Tirsion radiations are not weakened with distance and not absorbed by nature media ... [ 4, p. 38], but at that: Tirsion radiation ... is fixed by photoemulsion at photographing [ibid, p. 39], and is changed after passage of a tirsion filter [ibid]. Comments are superfluous.
   So, by academician K.V. Sudakov, Information ... is one of fundamental properties of the Universe [ 148, . 10], and Information has arisen in the Universe ... [ibid, p. 17]. If a property is fundamental, so it cannot arise, it exists initially. And also Information presents anywhere (is ubiquitous) [ibid, p. 10]. It is an object which can present [ 127 ], but not property (whether it is fundamental, or not).
   Unsubstantiated, groundless application to alive explanatory principles/approaches, valid in the physics and applicable to lifeless objects, transferring if them to a person, is not new for the science. It is characteristic in this respect, how N.G. doctor Kotik interpreted almost a century ago (1912) his researches of claivoyance phenomenon [ 59, p. 165]: Thinking of any person is invariably accompanied with ejection of psychophysical emanation. For penetration into a brain of other person, it must possess some (stressed by ..) properties of anatomic or psycho-physiological character, while unknown to us. Doctor Kotik did not still be able to think up, what kind of properties this emanation - which Dr. Kotik did not observe at all, but merely imagined - could possess, but he is already confident that possess, must possess. Do this statement strongly differs from another one, made already at present time by O.I. Koyokina about existence of a virtual brain [ 56 ]? It is paradoxical, that such statements are done for the sake of struggle against prejudices, with sincere conviction in strengthening positions of materialism and rationalism in such a way.
   The only positive result of this stage can be found out, if to look specially for it, that named phenomenon seems to be understandable, then it ceases to frighten and becomes more accessible for researches.     

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