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Part II
            (PSYCHE and SUPERPSYCHE)
      Chapter 10.
              APOLOGIA for MASOCHISM
                  (ETHICS in the light of REINCARNATION)

    10.2.   Vantage of ALTRUISM

     A clever man knows what to do in a difficult situation; a wise man knows how to avoid it. In this sense - the further a wise man can see future, the wiser he is.
    Having glanced even in the near future, a wise man understands, that (Dwling H. (Lvi) [ 155 ])
he should act with others so, how he would like, that they acted with him, that
he should be such with what it would like to see others.

    Validity of these recommendations are proven also by modern researches. Stanislav Grof's experiments have shown how strong are psyche links between all participants of an interpersonal conflict [ 31 ]:
    Every time when traumatic event includes an interpersonal situation, a subject experiencing it under LSD [the drug with which S.Grof experimented] influence, should apparently pass and test [roles] of all characters involved in it. So, if the basic theme represents an aggressive attack, he should go through both roles of a victim, including all emotional and physical feelings, and of an aggressor. If the subject had to be an observer of such event, he should go as a result through all three roles.
    Aggression (in particular - the physical embodiment of egoism) turns back in the upshot against the aggressor. However, in vaguely remote prospect. Subjective estimate of inevitability of this prospect depends on the attitude to concepts of Karma, sin, etc:
this inevitability is out of the question, if an individual loses touch with his current terrestrial experience after death;
but if to admit death as only an episode in a chain of events of numerous incarnations, of terrestrial existences/embodiments, so this inevitability gets quite notable features.
    Precedents of reincarnation and theoretical substantiation of its possibility (see the
previous chapter) are not a proof of its inevitability, but show however how is great is the probability of return in the future to conflicts and problems, remaining not solved in the present (the probability of inevitability to "work off Karma").
    The newest Gospel warns also of this probability: ... what you make for other people, the God will make for you [
155, 46::17]. Warns strongly, repeating: How you act with other people so the God acts with you [ 155, 94::13].
    Therefore (however not only by this reason) it is better (preferable, profitable) to get rid from egoism.
If it is deliberate, "ideological", from egoist's common sense, it is an ethical-pedagogical problem, to solution of which materials of this chapter can promote.
If it is illogical, rebellious to egoist's common sense, dominating over it, spontaneous, so it is volitionlessness, a psychic obsession, and it is a psychological problem. To relieve painlessly, quickly and reliably from obsession, from undesirable emotions is possible by means of FP-methods [ 2A ], but it is the topic of chapters 14 and 17 .     

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