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Part III
      FP and HEALTH
      Chapter 12. DISTANCY INFLUENCE


        CASE 3.

    Summer. In the country. A boy of 11-12 years, a pupil of a sports school, has hurt himself, having jumped unsuccessfully. A healer-beginner, who did not see the incident itself, sees from afar how a trainer starts to strive after the boy. There passes a minute or two, but the situation does not change to the best. So the healer decides to interfere. He runs up, and at once, not finding out details (seeing only, that the child breathes very often and very hardly), begins his influence: working with hands, he forces a stream of energy in the patient's solar plexus (lus slris) as intensively as he could. The child has at once begun to breathe deeply, evenly and easy. On the next day the trainer has addressed to the healer for help for his relative.

              Let's note:
Such undifferentiatedness of an influences evidently shows its especial individuality. While the conventional regulations, that one ought to treat not a disease, but a patient, remains only a slogan and a unattainable ideal in the academic medicine, at least now, when it is made a kind of technique, and a patient is depersonalized, when medical process is similar to a chain of operations on an industrial conveyor, a healer works just with his patient, with the individual, with his AsB and only with it. At that he inevitably (in a greater or smaller measure) interferes in the most intimate patient's spheres, and that can sometimes look even as something undesirable. Irrespective of estimations of such situation, a healer should mind this as a fact and, proceeding from this fact, to draw for itself corresponding conclusions. For example,
   to be maximum delicate and restrained in his impulses, let they be the most loyal; and
    to not interfere to patients with unasked diagnostics.
The last concerns not only to diagnostics. The advantage of any unasked help is doubtful. Desire to help everybody and immediately is a child's illness of a healer. The super-obliging healer can go into extremes, as one man from destiny Soon who has been depressed by that its shoots did not grow, and began to extend them. After having a lot of such work, he has come home and has told his family: "How tired I am today! I helped shoots to grow". His son has run to look at shoots, but they have already dried up [ 146 ].
l. slris, to be exact - the corresponding energy center (in yoga's terminology - Mniur-hkr), is the main energy reservoir of AsB, is an accumulator of practically unlimited capacity. One can be notafraid to overload, overflow it.
Saturation of patient's AsB is one of numerous points in methodical toolkit of healery. The psi-technique of saturation is rather various and even its brief description appears is bulky. All next section is devoted to this theme with, the truth, passing consideration of numerous not less important problems.     
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