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Part III
      FP and HEALTH
      Chapter 12. DISTANT INFLUENCE
                         12.4  SATURATION


и        1. A healer can send, give to his patient "his own" energy, from his AsB. Any place, any area of healer's body can be used as a source of this energy. More often than other sources are used:
    А. Hands. A healer can give energy (as it was already mentioned in Instructions, section 11.1 ) from tips of fingers or from a palm.
    How to achieve that energy left from a hand and got there where a healer wants? Most easier is to aim, to direct the hand on an object and to imagine, that the energy stream is already flowing, has already attained there where it is necessary. As it is told at Richard Bach, ...чтобы летать ... нужно прежде всего понять, что ты уже прилетел [ 9, p. 186 ].
    Not anybody will be satisfied with such explanation. But probably there isn't a healer, who could give explanation satisfying for anybody. But nevertheless, Alexander S. Grin tried to solve a similar problem describing levitation: He has made an internal effort similar to a deep breath, caused by delight, – the effort concerning which he never could tell precisely how he can be successful ... [ 30, стр. 139 ].
    The essential moment in this description is a correlation of a magician working state with his breath which is closely connected with energy circulation in anastralum body (metabolism of an astralum body). Management of breath is a whole science. A yoga section – the pranaiama – is devoted to it. We'll note that which is noted by hardly not each guide on yoga: an independent pranaiama practice (in general of yoga), without a control, can be unsafe. The author has observed at least two cases of schizophrenia, which occurred in 2-3 years after successes in the independent yoga practice (by literary guide), without an alive expert (a guru) management.
    B. Eyes. A steadfast gaze at a black spot can be used as an initial psi-technique exercise. The spot should be drawn on a wall (which should be light, better – white). The gaze should as though press the spot into the wall. This exercise is recommended by yoga for visual acuity increase.
    C. Breath, whiff of exhaled air [ 62 ]. It can be a bearer of energy of various quality. For example: a slow, quiet, warm exhalation through widely open mouth possesses weakening and calming action; a sharp, acute and long current through almost compressed lips can rather clean and renovate. A usual practice of a mother's kiss of a sick child, a sick places (for example, contused) is not a senseless tradition. We can notice that terms designating energy – prana (India), пневма (Hellas) – designate simultaneously breath too. Similarly also in Russian: дышать – душа – дух.
    Modern methods of adjustment of the breath, yielding good therapeutic results – by A.N. Strelnikova/ А.Н. Стрельниковa [ 118 ], by P.K. Butejko/ П.К. Бутейко [ 19 ], – have only indirect, rather remote attitude to healing breath.
    D. Chakras (wheelsSanskrit), energy centersAsB, detailed description of which is made (for example) by Arthur Avalon [ 165 ]. Specificity of astralum qualities (not known, however, to the author) – of not only each lotus-Chakra, but as well of each separate petal of each Chakra – can be used by a healer. The Chakrassystem is closely connected with all systems of an organism, especially – with its nervous and endocrine systems, with sense organs.
    2. A healer can take energy for saturation directly from space, from cosmos. Cosmos can be understood not only as astronomically far space, but also as that immediately surrounding a person, and even as internal space of his physical body. Substance consists of "emptiness" almost fully. Practically whole mass/weight (more than 99,9%) of each atom (and possession of mass is just an attribute of substance) is concentrated in its nucleus which linear size (10-13 sm) is 5 orders less than the size of an atom itself (10-8). If a ball of diameter 1 sm is a nucleus model so diameter of an atom itself must be about 1 km. Thus, any body is densely, massive only in 10-15 of its volume.
    Space is filled with energy. Healers distinguish many of this energy components, or many energies with differ characteristics of their quality: with levels (frequencies) of vibrations, colors, shades etc. Акупунктур differs two qualities of energy: the active principle yan and the passive yinj. European followers of Franz Anton MESMER (1734-1815) designated them accordingly as the electric energy and as the magnetic. Some specific qualities of an astral are traditionally designated by names of (nature-)elements. Avicenna, judging by excerpt, cited above, distinguished the viscous, oily energy from the aqueous or clay. Our contemporary, the American doctor of medicine John K.Lilli [ 160 ] distinguishes energies of not less than seven qualitative steps, levels of vibration, designating their by numbers of a geometrical progression:-3-6-12-24-48-96-192-. It is difficult to judge, how much various or, on the contrary, how close (down to identity) can be those qualities, named by experts who are disjointed with so greater spatio-temporal intervals.
    A healer can direct energy of whole this spectrum to his patient; or can choose some necessary quality (or a number of them); or, on the contrary, can remove something from a full spectrum; and can do all these without passing energy through himself, through his AsB, "by one touch".
    When a healer gives his own energy to a patient, so then the energy is actually also from Space for the energy loss is compensated, restored from Space. But in this case energy passes through healer's AsB before it comes to a patient. At that influences of healer's state - both of physiological and of mental - can be added. Therefore in this case at least a healer's health must be demanded from him: nоli nосеrе.     и
    3. Целитель имеет возможность использовать специфические энергии, оригинального качества. Их носителями являются объекты как естественного, так и искусственного происхождения. Каждое растение, минерал и т.д. имеет характерную именно для него энергетику (как бы свою энергетическую визитную карточку).
    Используя их в своей терапевтической практике как энергетические шаблоны для лекарств, ГОМЕОПАТИЯ является фактически практикой магической.     и
    Носителями энергий, используемых в целительстве, могут быть и объекты, физически целителю недоступные. Так, возможно использование специфических энергий астрологических объектов. В частности, лунная энергия даёт хорошие результаты в гинекологии.
    Необходимо упомянуть мощные энергопотоки под церковными куполами, а также специфику астросомов икон.
    Отметим: энергия, независимо от её источника, не бывает плохой. Категории хорошей и плохой энергии, чистой и грязной и т.п., которыми часто пользуются целители, следует рассматривать не как качество энергии как таковой, а их лишь в контексте конкретного состояния пациента.     и

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