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Part III
      FP and HEALTH
      Chapter 12. DISTANT INFLUENCE
                        12.6  TRANSFORMATION and SHIELDING

      12.6.1. PREJUDICES

Mission of a science is not in sneering at superstition,
but in interpretation of superstitiona a
and of its natural reasons.
A. Moll
Life indulges dreamersa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a
K. Paustovskiy/ .

        There are the opinions, reflected also in the literature, that some materials can not only be a barrier for an energy, but even merely presence of them both at a healer and at a patient can interfere with influence, with effect receiving.
    For example, G. Shapary/ . [ 140 ] claims directly and categorically that nobody of a healing session participants have (even near to them) metal, silk, down. One can also find in literature interdictions for paper, glass, fur, wool, etc.
    Let's not impugn honesty of similar recommendations authors. They judged by results of their practice. But the results were generated by their own primary confidence of truth and necessity of the restrictions. This confidence, their thouhgts generated directively astralum structures, led to forming of corresponding energy/astralum screens. Practice confirmed primary orientation; primary orientation resulted in practice. The circle has been closed. So a prejudice realizes itself by the positive feedback mechanism.
    The same can be true concerning any prejudices, superstitions: the more there is confidence of their accuracy, reliability the more there is probability is of their realization. This has also the direct attitude to the evangelical thesis: "According to your faith will it be done to you" [Matthew, 9-29] not indifferent for psychotherapy.
    Just here it is possible to search for a key to the paradox discussed in section 11.4: the more interest of a magician to results of magic operation, the less is probability of its realization. Too assiduous meditations, requests, prayers doubts can happened to be a result of doubts about realization, and the doubts can reduce probability of realization. Success is achievable only when it is not passionately desirable (Ju.K. Shchutskij / .. [ 146, 7:1]).
    Prejudices are opinions, that
it is impossible to heal himself,
a healer dies too early,
it is impossible to heal some categories of patients,
In another's city, my dear child, an incantation has not its force (Sholom Aleichem [ 144 ]),
after success at healing fast relapse is inevitable,
one should not thank for healing, and
a healer should not take a payment...
    The last opinions are worthy special consideration.     

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