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Part III
      Chapter 12. DISTANT INFLUENCE

        Usually, when a healer attains a result, inaccessible to the academic medicine, experts draw a conclusion that initial diagnosis was wrong, and to deny the conclusion is a problem: "forcemeat cannot be forced back".
    This time the circumstances coincidence has allowed to fix documentarily a case of escape from a (part of) foot amputation.

CASUS 7a (from the author’s practice too, 2008) – only for physicians! (there are anti-aesthetical photos here!)

    A patient (about 40 years old) says to a healer by phone, that during this day an inflammatory process develops (roughly) on his foot. The extensive and deep crack of a leather on the first finger has arisen 3-4 days ago. Now, by the evening there was a reddening and a pain on the back (top) side of the foot. Temperature is 39ฐC. The pain extends un along the leg, and now has reached the groin. His friends have insisted on hospitalization, and they realized it themselves.
    Doctors insist on immediate amputation (demand the patient's consent). Their diagnosis is a gangrene. The situation is complicated by the patient's long and heavy diabetes – but (!) without insulinic therapy. They consider the diabetes is just the cause of this "gangrene" and of the situation's danger. However the patient speaks, that the finger is movable, warm, and there is no pain in it.
    Since an operation willn't be before morning, the healer has a night to relieve a situation. His influence is general-anti-inflammation + local upon lymphatic glands of the diseased leg.

       The temperature has decreased by the morning (37,6ฐั), the pains have stopped – the inflammation does not progress and does not extend. The situation is already not emergency at the moment – though doctors, who do not know about healer's intervention in it, have the opposite opinion.

[Fragments of the hospital Extract from the medical card:
the diagnosis: a gangrene
risk: very high
the patient has categorically refused amputation
recommendations: operation treatment]
    If even to be operated, it is better in Germany. The same friends help the the patient to leave Moscow at once, and in the evening the healer meet him in Berlin. He must to choose
• whether to carry the patient to a hospital for amputation (undoubtedly)
• or into home for healing and self-treatment.
    Therefore the first question to the patient, who is in the moment in an invalid wheelchair, is: how are you, how is your health state. It has not worsened since the morning: it is subjectively good, temperature is normal, flight has been survived as usually.
    Within a week it was used the combination of healing influences (HI – it was practically the same as at the first night) and potato applications by a dosing schedule, distinct from the usually recommended: they were imposed twice a day+night at 8-10 hours, with 2-4 hours intervals in order to allow the skin to be aired (dried up, breathe).

In 3 days it was defined clearly enough, that the phlegmon (NOT a gangrene!) has pulled out to the skin surface as three necrosis nidi, identical structurally to furuncles. First of them tore in the next 2-3 days.


    After draining of all the three of them it became clear, that it’s possible to visit a leading("house")-physician without a risk to discuss the amputation as an actual problem.
    She did not hide her surprise when she compared the extract, made in the Moscow hospital, with the real foot state, and when she investigated the process dynamics by the series of photo. Later the patient visited three doctors more (with appointment cards from the house-physician).


(1) In a surgical hospital both the amputation and even a hospitalization too were admitted to be not expedient. Air-locked dressings were recommended and the first was applied (They insisted on necessity of an antibiotic course too). In approximately 13 hours the dressing has been removed and has not renewed: absence of a drainage has noticeably


worsened the skin state. Practice of [HI + potato applications] has been renewed.
(2) In a surgical ambulance station (Praxis) a series of disinfecting baths was made. Only the first of them lead to improvement. When the pain in the foot returned, the HI and potato applications were renewed again, but this time by the usual scheme.

(3) In the plastic surgery Branch of Charite Academic Clinic a specialist calmly established a fact, that healing goes normally, and that necessity for plastic operation was not exist. However, after viewing the photo series, he was not quiet any more.


The dynamics of the phlegmon liquidation and of the posterior healing has seemed to him so improbable, that he has given such recommendations out, as though the inflammation process were in a full heat: he has given an appointment card, allowing to be hospitalized immediatly (at any time – 24 h) without preliminary appointment. His reaction on the photos quite corresponds to the mentioned above A.M. Butlerov's mistrust to experience – though his own, but unusual.
    And nevertheless it is paradoxical, that any of doctors, admitting this high ("improbable" – by their own appreciation) efficiency of the method, has not interested in its essence, in possibility to use it in the further, etc.    

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