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Creative relations
Part III
      FP and HEALTH
      Chapter 14. HEALTH of SOUL

        14.3  OBSESSION

as a psyche state it is a persistence, an impossibility to change one's own behaviour, despite of a dissatisfaction with it;;
as an astralum essence it is a foreign/outside/intruded component of AsB, a carrier of an undesirable emotion.
    This intrusion is related by its astralum nature to person's AsB own elements [ 97 ]. A mistake would be to consider such hindrance as to
an arbitrary/artificial/unjustified personification of an AsB's part,
something soulless and inert. It should be considered sooner as something animated, though not of enough high level: essences of higher levels don't practise intrusions.

    A patient is an 8 years old very clever schoolgirl. She remains at home without adults with her little three-year old sister and perfectly look after her. But she is afraid to remain quite alone.
  Whom? The robber.

  Her parents made in their apartment a panzer door specially for her. Naturally, this has changed nothing.
    A healer finds out (the mother is present, but does not interfere in the conversation):
  Does the robber appear only when you at home alone or in other time too? Only.
  It means he waits, when you will remain alone? Yes.
  And where does he wait? In the apartment, on the ladder, in the street? On the ladder.
  Is he waiting just now too? Yes.
  And what kind of is he? I do not know.
  Well, young or old, very high or not so much?  ...? I do not know.
  Then think up the most terrible of all which generally can be. (A pair of minutes the patient hesitates.) Has you thought up? Yes.
  Is he moustached? Yes.
  Well... Has he a bandage on his right eye? Yes.
  Now think, that does he want, what he waits you for. For to kill me.
  No! He wants to prove you, that he is terrible; so if he has killed you, then to whom would he prove it? Do you agree? I agree.
  Now tell me, to whom from you two is worse - to you or to him? You remain alone seldom and for a short while. He frightens you seldom, but he had to wait so long time. He is just bored, bored to death. How you think, where he would wish to leave? To go home and to see cartoons? to visit somebody? to cinema? Home.
  Are you sorry for him? Yes
  Do you want, I'll learn you how to release him? Yes.
  Tell him you can do it silently, he'll understand!, that you are ALREADY afraid of him very much, and everybody are afraid, that he is the most-most terrible of all robbers, that he doesn't need to frighten you and he can easy go home.  ...
  Well, what does he do? Leaves.
  Has he left? Yes.
  Is he pleased? Yes.
  Well, it is good, he won't return any more.

    In this casus the robber is a personification of fear, is a larva (by S. a 126 ]), not combined with a patient's AsB, but, as well as in casi of incubus, being outside of it.
    [ There is an exemple of such a work on-line here ]
    Such a situation is possible with an adult too.

    A patient is a woman, an anaesthesiologist, a participant of author's Practical work. For many years a devil with all classical external attributes - horned, shaggy, etc., - height as a tall man, comes to her in her dreams. He behaves not aggressively, but persistently explains to the patient, that she inevitably should die. And, though the patient is the anaesthesiologist for whom thin balancing on the verge between life and death is her trade,, and she continues to understand that she is the anaesthesiologist in her dreams too, but the dream frightens, irritates, hinders her to live...

    She was liberated directly during her group studying (1992) as educational demonstration of work with an obsession (with a patient, suffering from obsessions) by the VitLib method.
    And not only women can face such difficulties.

    A patient is stomatologist, well-grown, about 30 years, absolutely healthy externally.
    His complaint: about 2 years ago the sensitivity of the 2 or 3 finger of his left hand has been lost for short term (about 15 mines). He has put a probable diagnosis: a brain angiospasm. A fear of the "spasm" recurrence arose, although numbness did not repeat. Fear attacks came more often up to several times a day and the developed picture of a vegetative neurosis arose with inflows of muscular weakness, with a shiver, cold perspiration, etc., i.e. a semi-syncope states hindering to live (and to work).

    This state was liquidated in a few minutes by same method of VitLib. There are not relapses (more than 10 years of observation).
    A larva can be neutralized in absentia too.

    A young energetic men, a cameraman, unexpectedly and sharply changes his behaviour and even character. He goes under a shower at each opportunity and that becomes his main occupation and even hinders human contacts with him. It lasts some weeks. He concerns to his state no critically. His wife addresses to a healer for help.

    A healer has an opportunity to struggle against the larva which constantly pulls the patient under a shower, for example, mutually to isolate their astralum bodies. However he as though plays with the larva at giveaway: he puts the patient ( his phantom) under a continuous astralum shower under the competitor of a physical shower - and so he not only satisfies but surfeits it. The patient feels comfort now and does not need the physical source for comfort any more. He has returned to his former (normal) state the same quickly, sharply.
    A larva can be concerned (can become more active) not so much with a person, but with a place (space), a room (building).

    A patient is a young woman (about 27 years), a singer, a composer's wife. About a year ago some uncertain fears arose for herself, for her husband, for her daughter who is 2 years old and whom was necessary to send to the patient's mother in other city (just because of the patient's state). The patient is constrained, disabled, even self-service is hindered, the family collapses, the life (not only her own, but of her relatives too) collapses.
    Even a short contact with the patient has revealed, that all her fears are reduced to the one to fear of the apartment into which she has moved some months prior to her illness beginning. A healer has supposed, that the reason of illness is not in the patient herself, but in external circumstances. Therefore he worked actually not with the patient, not with her psyche, but with her apartment's astralum (astral body, fields, aura). That does not differ in principle from a work with a poltergeist.
    Gradual (1-2 months long) return, begun right after the healer's connections to the situation, return to a normal way of life and to high-grade creative work has proved the total accuracy of the problem estimation and of approach to it.
    No relapses (more than 13 years of control).

    But all these causi are rarity, are exotic. Meantime some obsessions are spread rather widely.     
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