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Part III
        FP and HEALTH
        Chapter 16.   Self-CURING

16.06  URINE-therapy  –

        yields excellent results. Salutary influence of urine upon skin (in particular – at burns) is well known. The same salutary it can do upon mucous; it can be used to rinse an oral cavity at stomatitis, a throat at angina, of a nose at rhinites and sinusitis; hearing can be improved after dropping urine into ears; eye bath with urine can be useful at any disturbance of sight, not only at conjunctivitis; urine ingestion/drinking activates general energy metabolism, stimulates kidneys, can save not only from gastritis but from asthma as well.
   The main argument – besides an aesthetic one – against urine from those who only theorizes, not having practical experience, is that urine, remaining in an organism, causes uraemia. It is however necessary to distinguish, whether urine remains in blood (because kidneys could not separate it from blood serum) or it gets into gastrointestinal tract (after the separation). And as about the aesthetics, so beef tea (broth) does not much differ from urine neither by taste nor by structure if it is not flavoured with salt and spices. At the worst its taste is similarity to tomato brine (or marinade). And pure urine – at nestiatria and plentiful drinking – can have better taste than mineral water.
   Psychological (or medical) attitude to urine (unlike to the household one) should be not worse, than to blood like as we concern to our leg not worse than to our hand. For overcoming the psyche barriers which contradict to the one's own common sense, it is possible to recommend:
   1) preliminary (may be, during not one week)
• to have different utensils for gathering urine and for its reception; however, it is desirable, that each of them was a mug, a cup, a glass, etc. and that both were stored more close to other utensils, to kitchen, but not to a lavatory;
• to get used to a smell; to analyze, whether it varies depending on day time, diet, other factors;
• to rinse a mouth, which is itself useful for the mouth mucous; to analyze, whether its taste varies and depending on what; roughly speaking, urine is the concentrated blood plasma, its taste confirms, that we consist of that which we eat;
   2) ํdirectly at reception
• to realize (or to imagine) that there is some very valuable and desired average before you (for example, juice of a curative, strange and/or rare fruit);
• so to drink it, like as unaccustomed people drink strong spirits (it is better to try it preliminary with water):
  •• to inhale deeply and exhale sharply, up to the end
  •• to drink greedily, counting gulps
  •• to rinse the mouth (with water, dental elixir, tea, juice...) (cleaning our teeth, we usually rinse only the mouth forward part; in this very variant it is more important to rinse a tongue root) and/or
  •• to wash down (with tea, juice, ... )
  •• doing the next breath – to smell down (for example, with black bread) and
w w w w w w w w wwa – to eat down (with a crumb of bread).
    If all these appear insufficiently, if fastidiousness, disgust are persistently kept, continue to dominat above common sense, they can be considered as an obsession – and accordingly it is possible to work with it (not neglecting also methods VivLib and PulPur).
   It is impossible to tell, that urinotherapy as a method is completely developed, mastered. The questions connected with the method technique and its optimization remain to be disputable. Concrete recommendations are various up to exact antithesis.
• one experts recommend to use only one's own urine
      • others consider that other's urine can be useful too, and not only of close relative, but even of animals – of cow (a cow, as it is known, is a vegetarian; in India, where it is considered a sacred animal, its manure is as well considered a product suitable for clarifications of both body and habitation), of piglet (a pig physiology is considered more similar with human's, than even anthropoids' one)...
• one consider, that to use fresh urine is better,
      • ไothers – that precipitated for a long time...
• one distinguish the quality of three portions ("jets") in each urination – initial, middle and final,–
      • others do not see this difference or ignore it...
• one consider that a small portion (5-10 gulps, 50-150 ml) of morning urine a day is enough,
      • others – that it is better to use the whole quantity collected during the day...
   And each of these opinions is not a flat fantasy, but is based on some concrete positive experience. Therefore, only individual-experimental approach to urinotherapy can be recommend, as well as to other CMPS elements.

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