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Part III
        FP and HEALTH
      Chapter 16.   Self-CURING

            16.12  Some More ADVICES


It is always a silly thing to give advice,
but to give good advice is fatal.
Oscar Wilde

• A situation of illness is appreciably one of a vicious circle: the worse your state is the more difficult is to do something, including your health improvement, which can be rather labour-consuming. And on the contrary: the less you do for your health the worse your state is. On the other hand, an illness, especially a chronic one, can pass as strips of deteriorations and improvements. Use each improvement not so much for affairs (or for pleasures) postponed because of illness, but more for consolidation of improvements and for the further improvements: than better state and the better mood - the more efforts!

• Curd applications give the resolve effect at pneumonias, bronchites and other similar inflammations. Before going to bed, curd (of any quality) is mixed up carefully with honey (in a approximate proportion 1 table spoon for 100 gramme of curd); the mix is smeared upon a thin fabric (a napkin, a cloth) and is put on the inflammation area (areas) with curd to a body (but on the areas close to heart, it is recommended curd application without honey); above a towel is put; above - something wool; all this is dry in the morning, and is removed. The procedure can be repeated daily; 3-5 times are enough even at the most difficult cases.
   These procedures can alternate with others, fulfilled in the day-time: the black radish is fine grated and a rag is moistened with its juice. The rag is imposed on the same areas for some minutes; one must be careful because the irritation (a burn) can be stronger, than from a mustard plaster (if the burn has nevertheless occurred, this place must be greased with vegetable oil, and a black radish do not repeat any more).

• For suppression chill (influenzal) evidences can be recommended separately or in any combinations –
   •• cleaning of intestines (washing) which is better in a combination with nestiatria;
   •• plentiful (better fractional) drink;
   •• massive, percussive (up to 10 gramme a day) receptions of ascorbic acid; it may be mixed with warm (not too hot) beverage;
   •• at throat pain
      ••• moisten a throat with kerosene; an easy touch of absorbent cotton tampon moistened with kerosene is enough;
      ••• the same with urine;
   •• at coryza (nose catarrh)
      ••• mints (cauterizing) inhalation; tincture of a peppermint (only some drops are enough) to dissolve with water in a bottle (on its bottom); to inhale after shaking; to inhale with slowly, easy, long breaths - as one smells a flower, to inhale in turn one nostril (another can be clamped) and another
      ••• to rinse with urine;
   •• jogging promotes clearing of respiratory ways - of nose, throat without heart and whole organism overload;
   •• massage of points P4, E36, A55 (spirit gate) and others;
   •• yoga's lion pose

• Constant (daily during months) carrying of a bag hanging it on the left shoulder (especially if it slips down from the shoulder, if it is necessary to be tense in order to not allow it to fall down), can cause a stable hypertonus of a humeral joint muscles and – after this – spasms of coronary vessels, pains in heart. It’s reasonable, before (or instead of!) references to cardiologists, to move a bag onto the right shoulder.

• In order to draw a deep inflammation out upto a body surface, to localize a diffuse inflammation (a phlegmon), there is useful potato applications. Uncooked potato should be grated directly before using (it may be not scaled). In the evening, before sleeping one puts this paste upon an absorbent cotton clod, which becomes saturated at once with potato juice. One puts the clod onto the place over the inflammation with a potato-side to the skin and bandages it not tightly without compress paper. By next morning the clod dries up and can be taken away as a crust. Under it one can see a ripened or already broken apostema. At that pains decrease or disappear, temperature normalizes etc.

• Sometimes, in order to get rid of a pain, it is more useful not to run from it, but to go towards to it; not to try to distract from it, but to concentrate on sensation of a sore point.

• A nasal, with a closed mouth, through a nose, singing-bellow like M-M-M... or N-N-N-... responds with vibrations in teeth, a throat or some other place depending on the bellow’s tone height; that can be used as medical procedure, in particular – can relieve a pain.

• A functional headache above and behind eyes, a migraine, can be caused by of stagnation occurrences; one can grope induration under a nape, on the pain side (or on both sides) from the spine; they are painful too but only at pressing them; the stronger pressing the stronger pain but the weaker the headache; if to do it at the beginning of an attack so it can be fully prevented; the massage movements are better from above to down along the neck and to shoulders; in this way a consequence is eliminated but the cause is an overload of a liver because of insufficient (though, probably, a regular, without constipations) cleaning of intestines.

• Be not frightened of temperature rise. It shows an organism activity, struggle. The sole danger is an overload of heart. It is more natural to think of supporting heart than of artificial lowering temperature down. This last is expedient only if it keeps above 38°С several days running.

Tobacco smoke not only pollutes lungs, but also suppresses cleaning function of bronchial mucous membranes, of ciliated epithelium. At giving smoking up this function is quickly restored, pollution are deduced from lungs with sputum, that can be accompanied by cough. Be not afraid of such cough.

• Do not confuse two concepts:
   •• to fight against a disease and
   •• to try to not notice it, to simulate health (at that the disease can become neglected; the analogy to a fire – only beginning one or already flared up).

• Begin your day from the previous evening. Compare two men thinking the same before sleeping, and almost in the same expressions, but...
   One of them thinks: Here, again in the morning my physiognomy will be with a bristle, again it’ll be necessary to go and shave, again I’ll look in the mirror – and I’ll see me ...
   The other: in the Morning I’ll again go and shave, again the physiognomy becomes smooth, again I’ll look in the mirror – and I’ll see me!..
   Whether their next days will be equally favourable?

• Представьте себе множество одноклеточных существ, живущих в тесной близости. Каждое из них – личность. И это не толпа, а хорошо организованное государство. Империя. Тело. Его части, органы – ее провинции. Император – Вы.
   Это ваше тело. Но Вы не есть это тело. Вы – это ваши сознание, память, воля. Вы хозяин. Клеточки – ваши слуги. Они боготворят вас. Главное их желание – постоянно исполнять ваши желания, приказы. Каждая клеточка счастлива, если чувствует вашу благодарность за свою хорошую службу.
   Но и им требуется ваша забота, внимание. Не вредите им ни праздностью, ни неожиданными перегрузками, излишествами, ядами (наркотиками).
   Если вы их обижаете, они страдают, но терпят и прощают, потому что любят Вас. Но их терпению есть предел. Они могут просто устать, могут Вас разлюбить, могут и возненавидеть.
   Интересно (а возможно и полезно?) наблюдать, анализировать, по каким закономерностям (или случайностям?) живет ваша Империя; какие влияния – и внутренние и внешние – более существенны для её жизни; совпадают ли границы вашего интереса к тому, что в вашей Империи происходит (например, к тому, как растут ногти) и вашего влияния на то, что в ней происходит.

• Теперь представьте себе организм, клетки которого не связаны друг с другом механически, а имеют возможность самостоятельно передвигаться. Хорошей моделью такого организма является муравейник с клетками-муравьями. Муравейник, клеточкой которого являетесь Вы, – Человек (человечество как целое). Найдите свое место в его иерархии, чтобы наилучшим образом служить его (общим, высшим) целям, интересам; помогайте делать то же самое другим – этим Вы тоже послужите Человеку (и/или своему Эгрегору, и/или Богу). Чем бескорыстнее (не ради себя) это будет выполняться, тем ощутимее будет ответная помощь. и

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