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Part I
                    (The nature of PSYCHE)
      Chapterf 4. DISTANT IMPACT
                        4.4.   PSYCHOKINESIS and the UNIVERSAL FIELD

        4.4.1.   Space is METAphysical

    Space is metaphysical. Space is an objective reality and so it is material, but it is pseudophysical – it is a background of physicum, attribute of physicum elements, but not a physicum element.
   Even only in mind it is impossible to tear off (to release) a measuring ruler from its length. Therefore the length (an element of space) is an attribute of the ruler (of the physicum element), its inevitable trait, characteristic.
   Only in mind (not physically!) it is possible to tear off the length of the ruler from its body, from those atoms (physicum elements) of which the ruler consists. But this (the torn) length would already not be the length itself but would be a thought about the length. A thought is already an element not of physicum but of another hypersubstance, of mentalum.
   Space as a concept, as a human thought about space is mental, i.e. an element of mentalum.
   Space as an objective reality, as an matter element is astral, i.e. an element of astralum.
   Space is felt physically only owing to presence of physical objects in it, like as a bagel (or a ring) hole is felt only at presence of the bagel itself.

   Physical influences / interactions cannot be physical objects, for
as the physical objects, they should influence (in their turn) upon (other) physical objects,
and that would generate the "bad" infinity which cannot be realized physically.
   Hence, forces, force fields are metaphysical objects, as well as space is.
   Hence, the whole physics, beginning with mechanics – with the statics (the science about forces), with kinematics (the science about movement), with dynamics (the science about energy, about work – the functions of force and length) is actually the science not about physicum, not about the (massive) substance itself, but about metaphysical (astral) interactions between physical (massive, corporeal, substantial) objects.
   "The reason of gravitation, by Newton's opinion, can be only non-material". Sergey I. Vavilov /ยเโ่๋๎โ wrote this in 1942-44. Today, agreeing with Newton, we speak differently: gravitation can be only non-corporeal, but it is material, it is metaphysical, astral.

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