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Part I
            (The nature of PSYCHE)
    Chapter 5.

    5.6.   SYNESTHESIA

     Direct reflection Rd of a physical object (phenomenon) T, forming of a perception image T' by a perception subject S is based upon his sensations Θ of this object (TP in fig. 15). However physical influences θ upon person's S body SP, upon any of its (SP) sense organs Yi (an organ of i-th modality) can change directly ("by itself") only physical (physiological) state yiP (can make a change ΔyiP) of the organ Yi. not more than upon any physical object. But both an organ Yi and its change Δyi are actually (as any physical object too) HYPERPHYSICAL objects (see section 2.3), they have their astralum components YiA and ΔyiA. Intrusion of ΔyiA into yiA, into person's S psyche S causes change ΔS of S state, which (S) is just sensations Θ : Θ=ΔS.

   Changes ΔyiP of physiological states of sense organs of different modalities i can cause identical astraum changes ΔyΣA. At that (. 15b) physical influence upon one organ Yi can seem simultaneously as influence upon both of them. So a blow to the head can be accompanied with "sparks from eyes", and shrill can seem sharp and/or sour, etc.
   Moreover: a sensation received directly as an astralum one ΘA (from astralum, external for SA), can be associated with sensation of any of five classical modalities (the same as they can be associated with each other, for example, as light and a sound generate colour music).
   Such associations, Σ can be generated intentionally/artificially, as it occurs at training on astralum diagnostics [ 2 ], without (as a rule) facing difficulties.

   These concepts of a perception image nature are not trivial; all the more of synesthesia nature. Today's official concepts of an image are indistinct and internally inconsistent. So, by PE (A.G. Spirkin/.. ): on the one hand Image has no independent existence, on the other Image plays an active-effective role.
   V.N. Pushkin/.. has made it clear, that adequacy of a perception image cannot be realized owing to sensations coding, that the brain capacity is not enough for this purpose [see s-n 1.7.4]. We'll add to this, that sensations coding and an image formation are essentially, qualitatively various processes (irrespective of resources of a brain). Coding is always and only passive. Its task is to make a precise copy of the coded object. An own activity of a coding device would inevitably bring distortions, it would create not a copy, but interpretation.
   Formation of an image is on the contrary always active, it includes attention as its base, controlling element. An image of a snow/snowfall is distinguish at a skier and at a yard keeper. They accent various qualitative aspects/traits of the same object.
   Moreover. Coding is formal and mechanistic, while an image can reflect internal essence of an object.
   So, a hero of vgeniy Schwarz's play speaks to his beloved: I could learn you in any carnival suit and under any mask.
   Another question is, that this insight can make errors. But communicative perception can be in error too.
   By N.G. Chernyshevskiy/.. , a landlady of the house where Lopuchovs/ rent habitation, speaks to her husband::

    Petrovich/, nevertheless it is obvious, our tenants are from the important people. A general together with wife came to them. She was dressed so, that to tell is impossible, and the were on him two stars. How saw Sidorovna/ stars on Serge, how didn't even had them yet, and if even had, he would not wear them at simple visits to friends, it is an amazing thing, but that she really saw them, that she was not mistaken and did not brag, these are not her testifies, that is me who warrant for her too: she saw them. These are we who know, that stars were not on Serge, but he had such an appearance, that from Sidorovna's point of view it was impossible not to see two stars on him and she saw them; without a joke I tell you: she saw [ch. III, 2].

    By V.N. Pushkin/.. [ 109, . 328]: real and absolutely doubtless existence of adequate images contradicts against some principles of nowadays natural sciences. Isn't this the recognition of NAS crisis...
   And further [109, p. 330]: The fact of existence of extramolecular and extra cellular structures providing psyche activity was established experimentally. Doubtless facts speak about existence of reality, capable to bear an image out of limits of molecules and cells forming human being and animals organisms. It is already a step to an output from crisis, a step very courageous both as scientific and as civil one, considering the atmosphere of strict inviolability of official concepts in a science, as well as in the country as a whole in the year of the publication [the step, possibly, dramatic because, most likely, hard sick V.N. Pushkin understood, that this book carved by its authority out will be put out already after his death].     

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