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REINCARNATION as a beacon to FUTURE    ( RF )

Expansion of MEMORY borders

    Psychiatrist Stanislav Grof has made a great deal of discoveries at experimenting with LSD (the synthetic preparation, absent in nature). In view with the considered problem (with reincarnation) the following his evidence is important [ 1 , p. 75]:
    Every time when traumatic event includes an interpersonal situation, a person, experiencing it under LSD influence, should apparently pass and experience [roles of] all its participants. So, if the basic theme is an aggressive attack, he should go through both roles of a victim, including all emotional and physical feelings, and of an aggressor. If the person was an observer of such event, he should as a result go through all the three roles.
    These experiences can be interpreted as hallucinations. But they are "physically real" (in the same sense) as reincarnation but not metaphysical as dream. This is proved by Grof’s another observation [ 1 , p. 37]: … it is interesting from the theoretical point of view, that examinees are capable to experience anew pains and other sensations concerning to operations made earlier and carried out under a deep general narcosis, – i.e. in the state when the brain has been reliably blocked from any information coming by physical channels. However, S. Grof has not explain this phenomenon just from the theoretical point of view.
    These observations show that an aggressor forcing his victim, making a conflict prepares problems for HIS OWN futures, i.e. this scientific observation proves marginally a known statement (and a popular one: Google finds one and a half million of references), that "evil" returns (at least can return) to its source.

* * * * *
    The same, the objectivity (materiality) of non-physical phenomena, is proved by one (at least one) of experiments of Robert A. MONROE, engineer-acoustician, the founder of laboratory (a scientific centre in Virginia) for OBE-(the Out-of-Body Experience)-phenomena researching.    
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