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ADVANTAGES by means of the drug dependece problem example.

  The original and effective author's y-technical methods, know-how, provide possibility to release a client from his psyche dependence, and PAINLESSLY, QUICKLY and RELIABLY make him indifferent to a drug so as he was indifferent before his very first using of the drug.
  The method is   ©ASMarkon PSYCHE SURVIVAL®2001

  PAINLESS becouse, in particular, it doesn't demand any long preliminary abstention.

  QUICK: as a rule, a patient s the liberation during a half-hour working session. If this session happens to be not enough, so duration of all sessions together doesn't exceed two hours.

  RELIABL becouse the liberty, received at once, becomes strenger with time [these patient's letters demonstrate as after a single work session the improvements increased for several weeks].

        And besides, an addressing to IAPS is
  PROFITABLE. During more than a decade we disprove a present-day pharmacist's slogan nothing good can be cheap .
    Usually (NOT at IAPS) a patient pays for that time, which a specialist spends for him independently on the real result of the specialist's efforts. At that the paradox ! he pays for his own time: the more he waste the more he pays (he pays for loss instead to pay for savings!).
    At the IAPS a patient saves both his time and money. And even more: IAPS gives to him the financial guaranty.

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