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HpM ]    HYPERphysical Materialism


   5. Mentalum actively influences upon astralum .
   If mentalum concentration is enough, quantity of matter passes into its quality: mentalum undergoes a metamorphosis, gets astralum properties, and as new astralum objects intrudes into astralum , already existing before, thus changing it, thus actively influencing on it.
   A mentalum object have no spatial attributes, characteristics. So it exists as though out of space, or, that is the same, it exists simultaneously anywhere, in all points of space, it is omnipresent. Concentration breaks this evenness. Mentalum, concentrated in some certain place, obtains thereby spatial (and other astralum) properties (more about astralum properties: FP ], page 55). A mentalum object turns into metaphysical one.
   Concentration of mentalum (of information) can be considered as a particular case of its copying: as copying either continuously (during some period) or repeatedly into the same astralum object, which serves as a fulcrum for mentalum concentration. Absence of a fulcrum can complicate concentration.

   6. Analogously astralum , at its enough concentration, influences actively upon physicum h.
   An important law is that the direct metamorphosis of mentalum into physicum h is impossible. Mentalum can actively influence upon physicum h only through astralum , i.e. in two stages.
    This regularity is registered [ 18a ] (in 1999 with a priority from August, 1987) by (the International Association of Authors of Scientific Discoveries) because this law was unknown not only to the academic science, which does not know (and does not want to know) even objects of this law (which recognizes only physicum as reality), but also to the traditional science, which not only has given their names (not much successful) to the objects of this law, but also uses them in its (magic) practice.

   7. Thus the hyperphysical materialism discovers an aprioristic principle of dialectic materialism

self-development is intrinsic to nature,

concretizing this principle as LAWS (mechanisms) of interaction of METAPHYSICAL realities and PHYSICAL reality (see FORMULA). At that the hyperphysical materialism covers modern dialectic materialism to similarly how Lobachevsky's geometry covers Euclid geometry.


   8. In order to reflect this law which has the dynamical character, in a scheme (figure), which is static by its nature, one have to separate the areas of and h so that they were not crossed, though the scheme loses at the separation its accuracy (for example, metaphysicum turns out in crossing of and , instead of covering both and h). Here V is vivum, the totality of all alive. As applied to an individual, that is the competence sphere of Fundamental Psychology ( FP ), of the hyperphysical materialism component, areas of this structure get other names: the individual is named spirit (mens, ), soul (anima, ), h body (corpus, ), psyche, V organism.

   9. Inverse influences from physicum upon astralum and from astralum upon mentalum have character of passive resistance against active influences. Similarly the more a mass of a body is, i.e. the more energy this body comprises already, the more new efforts, energy are necessary to change its state (for example, to change its speed), i.e. the more its passive (of inertial character) resistance against active influences is.

   10. The quantity of a matter continuously increases.
   Daily practice forces to admit, that the quantity of the information accrues continuously. Judging by complication of biosphere, by organisms complexity from unicellular up to homo sapiens increase rates, rates of matter quantity at least, of mentalum quantity increase in the Nature, in the universe also continuously.
   The thermal death of the Universe as a consequence of processes caused by the second principle of thermodynamics, would be possible and inevitable only and exactly in the case of the constancy, permanency of total matter quantity of Universe.     

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