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    The stated research of the personal dependence problem, of obsessions, and of liberation from them by means of IPI - Interpersonal Psi-technique Influences - by author's technique of ulur leads to following conclusions.
    1. Consideration of psyche (or its representation, or the new conceptual approach to it) as two-level hierarchy, in which the information level prevails above the power one, allows to explain consistently the nature (or psychical mechanisms) of volition, non-volition (lack of will) and personal dependence (or obsession), and also of some other psyche phenomena (such as attention, hallucination, a Gestalt, hypnosis).
    2. The working with a clients (or the examinees) obsession, as with self-dependent (picked out of his psyche) energy object, allows to IPI-operator to liberate effectively (in few seconds) the client from the obsession.
    3. The more precisely an obsession is picked out (exteriorized it), the higher is productivity of IPI-procedure.
    4. A client picks an obsession out the easier and more effectively, the more brightly, eidetically he imagines a situation, significant for him in connection with this obsession. The notion of eidetic is applicable not only to memory, but in an equal measure to representation, imagination.
    5. IPI is highly effective, because it is a procedure of direct interaction of psyches of two its participants, and it does not requir intermediate help of parts-elements of a physical level, of channels which can become and inevitably become a source of disturbances, distortions of information.
    6. Liquidation of obsession should be admitted as restoration (or forming) of IPI-object-persons volition function because restoration of his psyche norm, of its hierarchy, of its information levels control above its energy level is restoration of his ability to realize his intention.
    7. Restoration of IPI-object-persons volition during IPI-process should be admitted as the volition act of the second order, as realization of IPI-subject-persons intention which is to realize the IPI-object-persons volition, i.e. realization of realization.
    8. Consideration of psyche as two-level hierarchy allows to explain the nature of volition of the first order, of the intrapersonal volition effort, namely to describe process of its formation as concentration of a thought-intention (of the information level element) and induction (by the thought) of an emotion-impulse (of the energy level element), as transformation of intention, as its metamorphosis with the subsequent association of the intention and the impulse, with their synthesis into a thought-emotion, intentional, deliberate impulse, reasonable aspiration, will.

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