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The FORMULA of a discovery in the fields of philosophy (hyperphysical materialism) and psychology (fundamental psychology), registered by IAASD (International Association of Authors of Scientific Discoveries) only as the hypothesis with the priority from 1987 yearonly because experts, authoritative for IAASD, are not ready to give any their conclusion/opinion about the claim (neither positive, nor negative)

Natural LAWS of interactions between
realities and PHYSICAL reality

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[ There are ascertained formerly unknown regularities of interactions between metaphysical and physical realities or, applying to a human, interactions of his psyche and organism, his thoughts, emotions and action, viz: ]

There are ASCERTAINED, that
mentalum (mentalum reality,or applying to a human, his thought, an element of his spirit, of his mentalum componemt)
turns (qualitatively transforms, metamorphoses under the condition of its enough concentration, i.e. above than definite (some, liminal) level, and the fact itself of the metamorphosis is/serves as the criterion and indicator of the concentration adequacy to overcome the liminal; or, applying to a human, when he is enough concentrated at his thought is incarnated)
into astralum (astralum reality, astralum object or process, i.e. actively influences astralum, or, applying to a human, his thought is incarnated into an element of an astralum object or process), at that
their totality (of mentalum and astralum) is metaphysicum (metaphysical reality, or, applying to a human, totality of his spirit and his soul is his psyche); also that
astralum (analogously, in its turn, under the condition of its enough concentration, i.e. above than definite (some) liminal level)
turns (qualitatively transforms, metamorphoses, is incarnated)
into physicum (physical reality physical objekt or phenomemon; or, applying to an individual, in particular, to a human being, transforms into his activity, action), at that
their totality (of astralum and physicum) is vivum (living flesh, animated physicum or, applying to a human, totality of his soul, element of his astralum body and his physical body is his organism); and also that
transfer of mentalum into physicum (the particular case of the universal principle transform of quantity into quality) is able ONLY through astralum, (that the direct/immediate concentration of mentalum into physicum,omitting the stage of astralum is NOT able, or applying to a human, that his AVR /act of volition realization/, incarnation of his thought, intention, realization of his will is able not otherwise but only through his emotions and/or through his preacts), as well as
feedback (passive, inert) infuences from physicum upon mentalum are able ONLY through astralum (due to resistance of physicum against astraum influences, as well as resistance of astraum against active influences of mentalum).

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