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Creative relations
[The preliminary comments: the improvements developed several weeks after a single working session.
            The letters are written in Russian.]

Dear Aleksander Solomonovich !
At last I'm writing to you.
I couldn't dare to do so earlier, for I feared to rejoice at result of your work ahead of time. It was seemed, as it can just about fall through...
Have you really saved us again?
Vasia [her husband] doesn't smoke. Varia [daughter (19 years old)] has become just another human being, or rather she begins to show human traits. (However, she consider, it is me, who is "treated", and that is why I begin at once to see how good she is.) She's become more self-reliance, less aggressive, even nice, which couldn't be said of her formerly. Only sleeplessness remains, and she suffers from it.
I don't like her to got used to somnolent drugs, especially at her age.
What do you think of this?
Me myself feel much calmer too, I look philosophically at many things.
I don't merely know how to thank you.
In August we've visited our Swiss friends. I've passed to them your materials.
Those are all our news.
I hope you are all right. Give our regards to [...] .

(Paris, Oct. '00)
Dear Aleksander Solomonovich !
During already long time I'm going to send a massage to you.
How are you? Have you any news from Swiss?
We recall you often. Our Varia is juct as substituted, we can't believe. Absolutely another human being, easy-tempered, benevolent, affectionate
Unbelievable By the way, sleeping has been normalized too. The sound interest to life has come. She plants flowers (!!!)
Have her suffers, and ours together with hers, come to the end?!
Meanwhile there's probably a real winter at yours.
We didn't see our snow for a long time.

Sincerely Yours
(Paris, Dec. '00)
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