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        Which are the prices for your help?

   Prices as such are absent.
   IAPS gives its help to its patients - improvement of their health, ability of a quiet and productive/creative, useful to oneself and to relatives life FREE-of-CHARGE, in a gift.
   Furthermore: IAPV's help is profitable for a patient because of NCS (Narcotic Consumption Saving) both of the direct Saving, for example due to stop of tobacco burning, and of indirect one, due to economize on medicines, on the broken mirrors and cars, etc.
   But a patient is offered to make a voluntary membership dues in IAPV's statute tasks decision (either in a labour form, or in monetary form, not more than a half-year NCS) because to pay off for received freedom (anyhow, it is not necessary with money) is of his own interests. Otherwise the obtained result can depreciate (in part or completely).
   At that a financial guaranty is given to a patient (i.e. in any case he is not at a loss): in the case of of the desirable result absence he has his voluntary dues back.

   From the practice: a year saving is
        in average 365 due to tobacco,
        not less than 730 due to alcohol
        not less than ten thousand for hard drugs (75-100 for a gram according information got from mass media)

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