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Part IV
          A chance to keep Russia as Russian
          Chapter 17.   FP against NARCOMANIAE
a a a a a a a a a a a 17.4.  ADDITIONAL SUBSTANTIATIONS

a a a a 17.4.06  SCIENCE (scientificalness, scientifical character of work) as EFFECACY

   The situation of liberation from narcotic dependence is paradoxical. Just the Ministry of Health (MH), which is responsible at the state level for solution of the problem, asserts after U.N.O., that the problem is insoluble. At that, the MH ignores offers of using those methods, which have already proved their efficacy, instead of become itself and to make Russia a world leader on the medical practice direction upon the base of them.
   Today's official approaches to the problem are not scientific.
   Scientific character of work at any problem presupposes availability of several consecutive points, and among them:
accumulation of facts and strict description (qualitative and quantitative) of a phenomenon, problem;
analysis of internal causes, mechanisms of a phenomenon;
revelation of an external MRF - maximum reaction factor (factors) - which determines the state of the phenomenon, dynamics of the process, revelation of that key, the most sensible chain(s), through which one can nfluence upon the state of the problem the most economically (or the most efficiently);
   d production of recommendations (the point rather formalized, accomponied with scientific returns, publications, discussions etc).
   Failing of any of the points makes impossible to name a work the scientific one or scientifically substantiated, and the main, makes impossible to solve the problem efficiently.
   Official approachs to the drug-problems break this chain already at its second (b) section. All of them are directed toward the base of medicine, toward its and only its resources. But medicine concerns itself with patient organism only. Medicine works at the levels of physics, chemistry, biology, but NOT psyche. From this point of view today's academical medicine is identical with veterinary one, through which human medicine really gets most of its resources.
   But narcodependence is the pathology, disease just of psyche, is an inner, intrapersonal conflict between man's thoughts (that are he himsef) and his emotions (which are he himsef as well), between his intentions and his physical acting/behaviour.
   But medicine (as till recently also psychology) doesn't know and doesn't wish to know mechanisms of interactions between the person's levels. And narcomania continues officially to be considered as incurable.

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