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It was recently. It was long time ago ...

    All has begun very simply. In the beginning of 90th my close friend has decided to leave his favourite bad habit, i.e. to stop smoking. Smoking seniority was large. The habit turn out to be more feasible than desire and will. He suffered, doubted. I began to look for an expert in this area, for I understood, that in case of failure following attempt may not be.
    The medicine offered some ways for decision of this problem: tablets, acupunc-ture, coding, hypnosis, or their combinations. However at a close acquaintance there was no confidence that all will be well. So searches proceeded. I got acquainted with methods of work, with patients who have taken advantage of any services. I analyzed results. Time went.
    And once I've met an announcement in a newspaper. Conditions, if it is possible to say so, were unusual and attractive. It was promised to make it ... quickly, painlessly, without preliminary preparation!!! Besides the financial guarantee was offered.
    So we have got acquainted with A.S. Markon. All that occurred next was simultaneously real and fantastic. The financial guarantee was not necessary for us: one working session has turned out quite enough. My friend did not come any more back to this theme.
    Many of my friends colleagues, relatives have gone by this way later. There were among them also people with alcohol dependence.
    In a couple of years, to be exact, in March 1994, I addressed to A.S. for the help. It was my second attempt to stop smoking. There was my interest to the result, to a technique, and, naturally, to A.S. as a person.
    Long before I've tried to stop smoking on my own. Then tablets were be consid-ered, coding - in my understanding very unpleasant process, in spite of known wide enough. After coding fear, discomfort can be added to an already existing problem. This becomes aloud painful in cases when craving for tobacco or alcohol remains. I met this display repeatedly.
    Having convinced that it is not meaningful to search for something other, I have dialed the familiar number.
    I think it was uneasy to work with me. Such initiatives, as trying to bear a desire to smoke, created probably some obstacles. But kindness of A.S. and his readiness to help were from so sincere, that I've calmed down, and everything has turned out well.
    Fourteen years has passed. I don't test any inconveniences, i.e. have irritate neither of cigarettes presence, nor of absence. And I think, that the most surprising and mys-terious creation on the earth is a Person.
    And also I thank the God for this meeting, and thank A.S. for his extremely mag-nanimous participation in my destiny.

Larissa,     e-mail: lara-sedova@yandex.ru&

2007, Mart

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