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REINCARNATION as a beacon to FUTURE    ( RF )

    The notion of reincarnation has arisen because some people remember their previous lives. Lets name that one, who recollects it, as a novus, from Latin homo novus (a new person), unlike to a senex from Latin homo senex (an old, former person), i.e. that person (or those), about whom the novus recollects as about himself.
    Reincarnation a renewal, a recurring incarnation can be understood not only as a unitary recurrence of a life, but also as a number, a line of terrestrial existence of the same person sequentially in different physical bodies.
    In its turn, incarnation in a literal translation: an embodiment, insertion into a flesh can be understood not as a unitary or even a momentary event, as intrusion of spirit into a body, but as a sequence of events as long as a whole life. Just so well understand this term here. All the more that a spirit does not intrude itself into a ready body, but forms a body for itself, So the spirit strengthens itself in steady, in physical forms [ a1 ].
    Recollections of previous lives can be not only spontaneous (as for novuses). Techniques, such, for example, as rebirthing, are used in psychotherapy in order to provoke such recollections with the purpose of compensation of traumas and other bad sequels, mental difficulties which are tailing after a patient from his past incarnations.
    Just so reincarnation, metempsychosis, transmigration is understood usually: only as a reality of the past lives (or life). However, the present, todays incarnation can also turn out not the last link of a reincarnations chain. There is some obviously not zero (!) probability that the next birth will followed after the death. However, this is still not important itself, but is merely interesting.
    Another is important: an analysis of results of researches, which are not directly connected with reincarnation, shows that this prospects a following incarnation is not indifferent for it fraught with certain new bad sequels. So, it is really important not only to foreknow of these threats, but also to be orientated already now in ways how to try to reduce them.
    Let's begin, however, with the proof, that reincarnation is not a fib, but the real, natural phenomenon.    

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