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    The memory of a person (novus) about his former life (as a senex) should be considered as the memory of his own life in another physical body, but not as a memory of another persons life because memory as the continuity of recollections chain is the only what allows a person to identify himself. It is possible to change ones appearance, to live with some another's heart etc. But to change memory is impossible. And one understands, if his memory is kept, that the new body with the new appearance belongs just to him.
    [ So, having woken up in an unfamiliar place, one begins to recollect, why he is here. But still earlier he recollects (in any case whether he understands this or not, notices this or not) WHO he is. ]
    The facts (precedents) that psyche factors can influence upon soma (body, upon its anatomy and physiology) are known. In particular, spontaneous (unpremeditated) influences of one persons (inductors) psyche upon an others (recipients) soma. So among P.P. Podjapolsky's /.. s observations [ 5 ] there is a case when a fright of a pregnant woman (inductor), when she found out an alive mouse on her leg, was followed with formation of a (congenital) spot on her childs (recipients) leg, on the same very place, and reminded a mouse of the similar size and form, tumescent, dark, downy.    

* * * * *
    I. Stevenson's finds are unique by their evident cogency, but they are not unique essentially at all. It is more likely quite the contrary. More likely, each person bears in himself both (sometimes latent for the time being) weight of traumas (including physical) of former incarnations, and a stock (arsenal or tools) of obtained then skills (congenital, natural talents and/or propensities).
    Probably (the author has no experimental data confirming this), the higher senexs intelligence is, the more is its influences upon his development as the novus.
    On the other hand, ideas of eugenics and action of type Repository for germinal choice turn out fruitless. Only properties, characteristic to ALL species of homo sapiens representatives, can be inherited.
    Anyway, tendencies of a person development are not casual. In particular, the place and time of ones birth are not casual. There is an interrelation of these tendencies with a persons horoscope. How precise these tendencies can be deciphered and interpreted, this depends on a level of an astrologist-interpreters abilities, but the interrelation itself is doubtless. A horoscope is made/cast according data of a place and a moment of ones birth. But these circumstances of the birth are depend on the tendency, but not on the opposite:
(1) a horoscope is interrelated precisely enough with the chirological (or chiromancical) figure (which is on a palm);
(2) and this figure is formed BEFORE (NOT after!) childs birth, a baby is born ALREADY with this figure,
hence, the moment and the place of birth are predetermined, i.e. not casual.
* * * * *
    Since topicality of problems which have arisen in a former life (lives) can remain in present life, so problems which arise today can proceed to the next life (lives). This logic conclusion finds practical confirmation in works of several other American researchers.    

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