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Геннадий Белимов

Belimov Genady Stepanovitch

   Genady Stepanovitch Belimov was born in Chita, Russia in January, 1946. His father was a military officer. In 1964, he finished school in Habarovsk and entered the Radio-Physics Department of the Tomsky State University. In 1969, he graduated from the University with an engineering degree in Radio Electrics and Physics.

   In Volzhsky of the Volgograd region, he worked in the "Meteor" plant as a technologist, then from 1977 till 1991, he worked in the Computer manufacturing plant. He started as an engineer-designer and had reached the head position in the quality control department.

   Being an active sportsman, he tok classes in athletics, diving, mountaineering, tourism, and orientation. In 1971-1975, he was an active member of the Volgograd United Team in sports orientation.

   In 1970, his first publications in the newspaper "Volzhskaya Pravda" and in some other editions appeared. From 1973 till 1975, he worked as a correspondent in the Industrial News Department of "Volzhskaya Pravda". In 1991, he became a member of Russia Journalists' Union.

   His main hobby is travelling around Russia.

   After a few expeditions to the Tungusky meteor drop region and other anomalous zones, he became a persistent researcher of the paranormal activities. In 1989, he organized the group of Paranormal Activity Research and became its leader. In 1992 he printed a book "UFO over the Volga Region" and "Ghosts from the skies". He participated in scientific conferences in different cities. He is the author of more than 300 publications on the UFO and phenomenology.

   In 1995, he earned a degree of a member-correspondent of International Information Academy in Ufology and bioenergy informatics.

   In 1996, he was invited as a lecturer into the Volzhsky Institute of Humanities of the Volgograd State University, and he became one of the first among lecturers in ufology and bioenergy information in Russia. He developed a course "Non-traditional and researching theories in science" devoted to the scientific research of unstudied phenomena, which he has been teaching for the last eight years.

   In 1997, he published two books under the titles "Other Worlds are on line", and "Non-traditional and Reconnaissance Conceptions in science", which became one of the first text - books in Ufology in the country.

   In October 1997, he earned a PhD degree in MAI (IIA) in accordance with international standards.

   In 1997, he was elected in the International Ufology Association Union. In 1998, he became a full member of the International Information Academy.

   In 1999, his fifth book under the title "Manifestation of Other Worlds in Earth Phenomena's" was published in the Volgograd State University. Four years later, in 2003, the book "The Aliens among us" was published in Moscow; two more books are to be published soon.

   G.S. Belimov actively participates in the expeditions to the anomalous zones of the country, gets acquainted with various people, researches the contacts with the strangers. During the last four years, he has been a participant of a research group in Volzhsky, which was in a contact with an unknown information source. While interviewing people experienced in UFO phenomena, more than 150 audio-cassettes and 2 video films have been recorded.

   Genady Belimov is married; his son Eugenie has graduated from the Volzhsky Institute of Humanities and now is a postgraduate student.

   G.S. Belimov considers the scientific study of the world to be his main life goal. He believes that Russia has a great future as a country of high morals; he appreciates human honesty and is persistent in overcoming difficulties.

Books by Gennady S. Belimov

   1. UFO over the Volga Region. "Ofset" publishers, Volgograd, 1992.
   2. Ghosts from the Skies. "Ofset" publishers, Volgograd, 1992.
   3. Other Worlds are on line. Volgograd State University Publishers, 1997.
   4. Non-Traditional and Reconnaissance Conceptions in science. Textbook. Volgograd State University Publishers, 1998.
   5. Manifestation of Other Worlds in Earth Phenomena's. Volgograd State University Publishers, 1999.
   6. Aliens Among Us. "Ripol classics" publishers, Moscow, 2003.
   7. Aliens: sowing and harvesting - being published "Ripol classics" publishers, Moscow.
   8. Controlled from Outside - being published. "Ripol classics" publishers, Moscow.

Belimov's Research Topics

   I. Psychographics Art Alexander Kremnev.
   The research has been going on for more than 10 years. Elena Glazunova (born in 1968, lives in Volgograd) receives various texts from the Thin World. She wrote a novel "Notebooks by Dr. Bormental" - continuation of Bulgakov's "Dog's Heart". She also wrote the novel "Maria's Testament" - memoirs by Maria Magdalena about her life and love to Jesus Christ. She received them and other works automatically and just wrote them down.
   Alexander Kremnev's art has been studied. Starting from 1989 up to date (from the time when he was 36), Alexander Kremnev receives pictures from the Thin World - unusual and deep in content.
   Other cases of psychographic art are being studied.

   II. Contacts with other spheres of consciousness and aliens.
   2.1. Telepathic contacts with other spheres of consciousness.
   2.2. Encounters with aliens, various situations of contacts with humanoids.
   2.3. Contacts of researchers from the Volga region with other spheres of consciousness in 1993-1997 (recorded with audio- and video-appliances). There are about 150 audiotapes with recorded dialogues and two videotapes of contacts.

   III. Sexual contacts of people with aliens.
   3.1. Men's and women's testimonials about their sexual contacts with creatures from other worlds (Testimonials by Tatyana Vanicheva, Rimma Kh., Ya. A. Popov, Vladimir Dmitrievich N. and others).
   3.2. Abductions of people.

   IV. Research of substitution of a human's soul by information matrix (two cases: Valentina Gorshunova from Zhirnovsk, Volgograd region and Andrei Bystryakov from Volzhsky).

   V. Expeditions to anomalous zone "Medveditskaya Gryada" (in the north of Volgograd region) in 1997-2003. The mystery of underground tunnels, ball lightnings and other phenomena.

   VI. Life after death. Katya Cherkasova watched how a dead person behaves after death. Other testimonials.

   VII. UFOs in the Volga region.

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